Society's demand for energy is predicted to increase significantly over the coming years. im体育APP offers a broad variety of testing services for providers of carbon-based fuels and electrical power, as well as their supply chain partners, to ensure the 安全, 可靠的, and sustainable transportation of energy.

Consequently, the increasing demand for greener and cleaner energy sources means providers of energy, and their supply chain partners, are diversifying. Companies are investing more heavily in R&D to increase the use of renewable energy sources, including wind, water, hydrogen, and solar power. At the same time, global players are developing and deploying new technologies to deliver innovative, 可靠的, and cleaner solutions for sourcing, transporting, and storing oil, 气体, and carbon emissions. These technologies are revolutionizing how our current and future needs are met.


能源 testing services 

Our team of over 600 scientists and engineers, located in 23 worldwide facilities, provides specialized services for the energy sector, 包括:


The im体育APP advantage

With over 100 years of experience in supporting a diverse range of energy customers, im体育APP understands the evolving testing, 检查, and certification requirements of the global energy sector.

im体育APP work in partnership with energy customers throughout the entire supply chain to make certain that the materials and products within these emerging and new energy solutions are compliant, 安全, fit for purpose, and support the realization of your growth and low carbon objectives.

More about our testing services for the 能源 sector

氢 permeation testing at im体育APP

im体育APP has decades of experience in testing materials and components for their behavior in hydrogen-containing environments.

太阳能 Radiation 测试 640 x 480


Find out about im体育APP's complete range of solar and solar thermal testing services for building materials and solar energy systems under such environmental conditions as sunlight, temperature, humidity and wind.


风 能源

Find out about our materials and product testing services for the 风 能源 Sector.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage

Learn more about our testing capabilities to prevent corrosion at transport infrastructure for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

石油 & 气体 testing services

石油 & 气体

im体育APP's global platform of laboratories offers advanced services designed to test and qualify materials intended for use within the environments of the future.

测试 Services for the 核 industry

Find out about our materials and product testing services for the 核 能源 sector.


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